FDOT Coordination

Communication and coordination with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is necessary to ensure the total success of client projects.

The first step is securing access through pre-applications, AMRC (Access Management Review Committee – Variance Committee) and driveway permits. O’Rourke Engineering & Planning works closely with the applicant and the civil engineer to ensure the best options are available to our Clients.

Representative Projects

Project: Indrio Road Shops
Client: Maury Carter and Associates
Location: St. Lucie County, FL

O’Rourke Engineering & Planning reviewed the access for this project by meeting with the project engineer during the design of Indrio Road. A pre-app and AMRC finalized the revision of the design to incorporate the project access into the design of the road.

Project: Hobe Sound Station, Hobe Sound, FL
Client: Wellfinders International LLC
Location: St. Lucie County, FL

O’Rourke Engineering & Planning prepared the driveway layout and cross-access by working with Martin County, FDOT, adjacent properties and the project Civil Engineer.

Project: Wallace Hyundai

Client: Wallace Automotive Holdings, LLC

Location: Stuart, FL

O’Rourke Engineering & Planning secured the access associated with the proposed access for the existing Wallace site in the City of Stuart. An intersection and driveway analysis was prepared. An FDOT Pre-app meeting was held to retain and modify existing intersections with the proposed site modifications.

Project: Okeechobee Music Festival

Client: Sound Slinger

Location: Okeechobee, FL

Since its inception in 2016, O’Rourke Engineering & Planning has been preparing the Transportation Management Plan for the Music and Arts Festival. The 2018 event will accommodate over 40,000 people that all need to enter and exit the festival. O’REP works with the FDOT, Turnpike Authority, County Planning and the County Sheriff’s department to ensure a safe an efficient movement of people to and from the event. FDOT Special event and lane closure permits were obtained.

Other Projects

  • Access Management; US 1 at Pettway – Hobe Sound Station – Martin County, FL
  • Signal Conversion from Emergency to Full Signal; Hobe Sound Village – Martin County, FL
  • Access Management; Variance Committee, SR 60, Portofino – Indian River County, FL

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