Transit / Rail

O’Rourke Engineering & Planning has provided support on a number of rail and transit projects in California and Florida. Rail and transit are intricate layers in the transportation web.

Representative Projects

Project: Maglev Corridor Evaluation
Client: Bi State Commission – Willdan
Location: California

O’Rourke Engineering & Planning was retained to prepare an analysis of the impact associated with the high speed train that would connect California to Nevada. The evaluation included impacts of the train on travel and circulation in the corridor and at the stations.

Project: Transit Expert Testimony
Client: San Diego Metropolitan Transit Board/ Best, Best and Krieger
Location: San Diego, CA

O’Rourke Engineering & Planning provided expert testimony and analytical support to the Board on the expansion of rail and trolley services throughout San Diego County. Analysis included signal crossings, impact on circulation and parking and interface between pedestrians and rail.

Project: All Aboard Florida, Stuart Impacts
Client: City of Stuart
Location: Stuart, FL

O’Rourke Engineering & Planning provided a limited analysis of the impact of AAF on the circulation in the City of Stuart. Of specific concern was the amount of delay to the railroad bridge north of town.

Other Projects

  • Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority, Station Design – Los Angeles, CA
  • Rancho Cucamonga Station Design, Pountney and Associates, Rancho Cucamonga, FL
  • Statewide Transit Needs Plan, FDOT, Tallahassee, FL ( SO’R Experience)
  • City of Stuart Shuttle Summary – Stuart, FL
  • Transit Analysis – Gator Acres LUPA – Parkland, FL
  • Tijuana Trolley, Pedestrian Path and Transit Station – San Diego, CA

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