Transportation Design / Signal Design

Transportation Design & Signal Design relates to the design of the complex systems that help to ensure a safe and efficient flow of traffic.

Signal design and intelligent Transportation Systems design applies to vehicles, systems and infrastructure. In California, O’Rourke Engineering & Planning assisted on many ITS projects related to autonomous vehicles, truck modifications and reporting and signalization system enhancements. O’Rourke Engineering & Planning prepares signal warrant analyses, intersection and corridor analyses and provides design for new signals modifications and interconnect.

Representative Projects

Project: Gatlin/ Brescia Signal Modification
Client: Renaissance Realty
Location: City of Port St. Lucie, FL

O’Rourke Engineering & Planning prepared the signal design modification for the intersection of Gatlin and Brescia. Design components included new signal heads, pedestrian features and pole assessments. Contractor information was provided.

Project: Santa Monica Freeway Smart Corridor
Client: JHK & Associates
Location: San Diego County, CA

O’Rourke Engineering & Planning carried out the inventory of the existing signal equipment in the city of Santa Monica. Identifying master/controller type, special functions, detector locations and interconnect. The existing data was updated based on site reviews and discussions with city staff. The Econolite central equipment was also documented in terms of equipment and functionality

Project: SR70 Maintenance of Traffic
Client: Guettler Brothers Construction LLC
Location: St. Lucie County, FL

O’Rourke Engineering & Planning prepared temporary detour plans and other MOT sheets to support an expedited construction program proposed by the contractor.

Other Projects

  • Hood Road Signals – Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Signal Warrant US 1/Windemere – Stuart, FL
  • San Diego ITS Strategic Plan – San Diego, CA
  • US1/Central Parkway – Stuart, FL
  • US1/Olympus Signal Modification – Martin County, FL

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