Parking Studies

Parking guidelines are generally set by local municipalities.

O’Rourke Engineering & Planning understands that these codes may not reflect the true demand of a use and could lead to too many or too few parking spaces. Shared parking analyses can be prepared to demonstrate that multiple users can utilize the same parking supply based on time of day that they need the spaces. Existing sites can be researched to determine the actual parking demands of a given property in relation to the number of unused spaces. Once collected, this data is crucial to creating redevelopment plans for the property without causing any shortage or surplus of essential parking spaces.

Representative Projects

Project: North Stuart Centre

Client:David Satur

Location: Martin County, FL

This site is a multi-tenant development located east of US 1 and north of Wright Boulevard in Stuart, Florida. The total square footage is 35,450 square feet which includes: retail shops, restaurants, and medical offices. O’Rourke Engineering & Planning conducted a study to develop a methodology that enabled the property owner to pre-certify his tenants and not require a public hearing to change tenant uses within the center.

Project: North Beach Resort
Client: Heaton Companies
Location: St. Lucie County, FL

O’Rourke Engineering & Planning prepared a parking analysis to determine the parking needed for the shared parking of the proposed hotel, retail and restaurant. On-street parking, parking circulation and access were considered in the analysis.

Project: City of Encinitas Parking
Client: City of Encinitas
Location: Encinitas, CA

O’Rourke Engineering & Planning prepared an analysis of the parking within the entertainment district to determine the type, location and duration of parking to support additional restaurant use.

Other Projects

  • Leighton Office Building – Stuart, FL
  • Florida Design Center – Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Northwood Carriage Townhomes – West Palm Beach, FL
  • Saks – Bal Harbour Shops; Expert Testimony – Bal Harbour, FL

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