The Special Events industry, for profit or non-profit has been hit hard by Covid. But positive signs are on the horizon as the City of Stuart approved the Stuart Boat Show and it is wheels up for Stuart Air Show. O’Rourke Engineering & Planning is involved on both of these special events. 

Ms. O’Rourke is on the board of the Stuart Air Show and serves as the Covid Response Team point of contact for the show. She originated the Covid Response Protocol and has been working with the executive director and team members to implement the program. The protocol was crafted to address the unique character of the Air Show with the guidelines and directives from the CDC, DOD as well as local health and elected officials. In addition to the Covid response components, the firm has provided parking support and provided peer review and alternative transportation concepts for the shuttle program.  The Stuart Air Show is January 7 and 8th, 2020. Visit at

O’Rourke Engineering & Planning prepared the traffic management plan for the Stuart Boat Show, coordinating with the City staff, Police Chief, and event promoters. The event was approved following a presentation made by Ms. O’Rourke at the September 2020 City Commission hearing. The Stuart Boat Show is scheduled for January 15 – 17, 2021. Visit at

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