As we enter 2018 with a strong economy and low unemployment rates, expect the transportation network to be more “vibrant”; read that as more congested. Transportation infrastructure is the backbone of a successful economy and community. Whether that structure leans more heavily to transit toward roadway or non-motorized systems is not as important as matching the system to support the needs and wants of the community they serve.

Often transportation expenditures are based on federal and state, top – down policy and grants. This process can lead to prioritization based on funding availability rather than the priority based on needs. Modes of transportation that allow the traveler the most flexibility in terms of when and how they get somewhere, tend to be favored; balanced out with out-of- pocket expenditures and the environmental and societal costs.

2018 promises to bring new challenges and new concepts and solutions. We look forward to being part of transportation advancements sure to come with this new year.